Production Environment

A production environment is an Environment that connects to your production Salesforce organisation (as opposed to a sandbox). The other differences are:

  • Every Stack must have exactly one production environment.
  • Your production environment is created when you run stack:create.
  • You cannot use env:delete to remove a production environment from your stack.
  • You cannot use env:create to add a production environment to your stack.

Why do I need to have a production environment?

In short, you wouldn't be able to set up new environments without OrgFlow being able to connect to your production Salesforce organisation. To a lesser extent, this is also true of OrgFlow's ability to teardown an environment.

This is because these operations require OrgFlow to query for, create, and delete sandboxes, and this is only possible via the Tooling API on the production Salesforce organisation.

Can I restrict access to the production environment?


See Access Control for more information. But remember- anyone who wishes to use env:create, or to delete a sandbox with env:delete must be able to access the production environment.